Release Date - 20/06/2014

Stand toe-to-toe with mixed martial-artist experts from around the world, in EA SPORTS™ UFC® for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Experience all the emotion and intensity of the Octagon first hand in EA SPORTS™ UFC®, and take down your opponents with a range of devastating moves to choose from. Only the strongest will survive, and it's not all about brute strength! Use your intelligence to put yourself in the best positions to take down those who stand in your way quickly and efficiently. With precision movement, dynamic striking and submission battles, you'll have to combine your wits and strength to come out on top and become the best UFC fighter the world has ever known!

Setting a new bar for character likeness, EA SPORTS™ UFC® uses high resolution 3D head and body scans of every licensed fighter in the game to deliver revolutionary realism to your gameplay. Real-time exertion builds upon this realism by presenting vein popping, skin discoloration, muscle flex, as well as signs of fatigue setting in through the course of each round depending on how well your fighter performs. EA SPORTS™ UFC® also introduces a non-linear damage system which can result in big damage from one well placed strike! Using this system you'll witness a greater variety of cuts and contusions that are true to life, giving you the satisfaction of truly beating your opponents down. The time for talk is over; the time to fight is now!

Step into the Octagon and order EA SPORTS™ UFC® today!

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