EA ditches Online Pass for all new games, including Battlefield 4

It was one of the most controversial ideas in modern game development, but it seems EA has finally dropped the axe on the concept of the Online Pass. Introduced to combat second hand game sales, the system was designed to offer a single-use code allowing online functions for people who bought a game brand new. Anyone buying a copy second hand, or borrowing it from a friend, would have to pay extra to access the multiplayer features.

Well, not any more. "We're discontinuing Online Pass," EA senior director of corporate communications John Reseburg has told VentureBeat. "None of our new EA titles will include that feature."

That includes the upcoming Battlefield 4 and all future iterations of the EA Sports franchises.

"Initially launched as an effort to package a full menu of online content and services, many players didn't respond to the format," Reseburg explained. "We've listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward. We're still committed to creating content and services that enhance the game experience well beyond the day you first start playing."

Battlefield 4 is out this Autumn for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Release Date: 16/05/2013