Dying Light season pass confirmed and detailed

Dying Light season pass confirmed and detailed

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Techland, best known as the developer of Dead Island, has revealed details of the DLC for its other upcoming openworld zombie masher, Dying Light. Three additional content packs will be released, post launch, containing additional missions, weapons and more.

First up will be Cuisine and Cargo. These are two particularly difficult bonus missions, designed for experienced hardcore players. Each finds you exploring buildings that were sealed off at the start of the zombie infestation, meaning that the loot has been sealed inside with hordes of infected. Cuisine takes place in a five-star restaurant, while Cargo is set in a train yard.

The second DLC drop will be the Ultimate Survivor Bundle. This will add seven unique items to the game – three new outfits and four blueprints for special and no doubt grisly new weapons. The third and final expansion is The Bozak Horde. This is a survival arena, playable solo or in co-op, based in a sports stadium.

Dying Light plonks you in the undead-swarming city of Harran and tasks you with surviving, by using your parkour skills to keep out of the zombies' reach while scavenging during the relative safety of the daylight hours and fortifying your sanctuary at night.

Dying Light is due on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 30 January. The first DLC will arrive at some point in February.

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