Dungeons & Dragons Rakor (Action Figures)

This Dungeons & Dragons Rakor Black Dragon toy is sized for some truly excellent adventures, with a height of 11 inches and a wingspan of 20 inches!

Inspired by the movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, this D&D toy makes a great gift for kids’ and fans’ shelves and playrooms.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS TOY DRAGON: Kids can imagine epic adventures and thrilling battles with this huge Black Dragon toy

EPIC SIZE FOR EPIC ADVENTURES: The Rakor dragon toy stands at 11 inches tall with a wingspan of 20 inches, so kids can imagine stories on a large scale

D&D GIFTS FOR D&D FANS: If you have a roleplay fan in your life, this huge Rakor dragon collectible toy makes a great gift for play or display

INSPIRED BY DUNGEONS & DRAGONS HONOR AMONG THIEVES: An ancient Black Dragon who once roamed the swampy Evermoors, Rakor is a vicious fighter with the ability to spew deadly acid on his foes

D&D has been delighting families for nearly 50 years and the adventures continue with the latest movie and its incredibly cast of characters
SKU: 840053-product
Release Date: 05/03/2024