Dungeons & Dragons Dicelings - White Owlbear (Merchandise)

Roll for transformation!

You’ll get a hoot out of this Owlbear, one of many of the monsters that populate the realms of Dungeons & Dragons. With Dicelings, now you can collect a whole new type D&D action figure: one that you can change from a giant d20 to a monster and back again!
CHANGING MONSTER DICE: Change this Dungeons & Dragons Dicelings die from Owlbear form to giant d20 form and back again!

INSPIRED BY DUNGEONS & DRAGONS HONOR AMONG THIEVES: Keep an eye out for the white Owlbear in the D&D movie.

INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED: 8 Steps to convert from large d20 to Owlbear!

PLAY OR DISPLAY IN EITHER FORM: Just don’t use this d20 for your tabletop game!

Inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons movie and lore. Each sold separately, subject to availability.
SKU: 826959-product
Release Date: 20/01/2023