DSI 4GB SD Card (Accessories)

When there’s a need for more music and pictures a Nintendo DSi SDHC Memory Card made by SanDisk is the answer. Just insert in a SanDiskSDHC memory card and there’s plenty of space for loading up favorite songs and snapping photos. With two built-in cameras, AAC music playback and only 256MB of onboard storage, it’s easy to run out of room on the Nintendo DSi. SanDisk’s 4GB, 8GB and 16GB cards can give the Nintendo DSi up to 15 or 30 times more space respectively. The SanDisk Nintendo DSi SDHC Memory Card is the must-have accessory to store more on the Nintendo DSi. And with the official Nintendo Seal of Approval, it comes with the compatibility and quality trusted from SanDisk made for the Nintendo DSi.

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