Driving Test Practical Simulator (PC)

The Complete Driving Simulation for your PC. Essential revision for all learner drivers!

Practical Simulator is a computer-based training package containing 10 step-by-step modules that guide you through all the routines and manoeuvres you may be asked to perform during your Test. You can practice interactive 3D driving lessons as many times as you like, allowing you to focus on specific areas of weakness. When you’re ready, there’s even a virtual driving test to assess your readiness for the real thing.

You can even watch a full mock Practical Driving Test with examiner debrief. Printable Driver Record Forms to use in conjunction with your real life driving lessons.Use your mouse, keyboard, or any PC compatible steering wheel to steer your virtual car.

Modules include:

1. Information Centre

Essential information on everything you need to know about the Practical Driving Test.

2. Know your Car

Watch a professional driving instructor explain the cockpit drill and main car controls so you can fully understand how each of these work.

3. Starting to Drive

Learn the basic driving routines including POM, MSM, MSPSL, moving off and stopping, and the use of mirrors and signals.

4. Junctions

Learn how to deal with road junctions, including the different procedures needed when approaching and emerging from various junctions.

5. Roundabouts

Learn the skills required when negotiating various roundabouts including mini, double and gyratory systems.

6. Manoeuvres

Learn the manoeuvres that you will be asked to perform in your Practical Driving Test, including the turn in the road, reversing into a road on the left, reverse parallel parking, bay parking and the controlled emergency stop.

7. Hazards

Learn how to safely deal with a range of hazard including pedestrian crossings, road signs and markings, traffic management and other road users.

8. Rural Roads

Learn the essential techniques for driving on A and B roads, overtaking, bends, blind brows and various hazards that can be encountered on rural roads.

9. Adverse Conditions

Learn how to deal and react to adverse conditions that affect visibility and road surfaces when driving at night, and in poor weather conditions including rain, fog, snow and ice.

10. Higher Speed Limit Roads

Learn the essential driving skills needed when approaching and leaving dual carriageways and motorways. Find out how to safely overtake and deal with unexpected hazards on high speed roads.

11. Virtual Driving Test

Take a virtual driving test to see if you’re ready for your exam. Revise all the OFFICIAL DSA Show Me, Tell Me questions plus additional video tutorials. Plus you can watch a full length mock driving test so you know what to expect on the big day

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Release Date: 27/03/2009