Drawn:The Painted Tower (PC)

In Drawn, players become part of a unique and beguiling story. It begins with Iris being kept inside The Painted Tower for her own protection. There are some who wish to prevent her destiny from coming to pass and use her power for themselves. A curse has locked each floor of the tower and only the most intrepid explorer can find a way to the top – and Iris.

In this beautifully animated adventure, you will enter lush painted universes and solve perplexing puzzles in order to gain access to the highest reaches of the tower. But hurry, Iris’ position has been betrayed and enemies approach the tower. Can you reach her in time? Will her destiny be fulfilled?


  • From the studio that created the best-selling Mystery Case Files™ hidden object adventures
  • Unexpected twists bring the genre to a new level
  • Overcome challenging puzzles and riddles to unlock the secrets of The Painted Tower
  • Enter magical paintings and meet strange characters that will help or hinder you
  • Fantastic production values bring the world of Drawn to life and lure players into the dark and mysterious tale
SKU: 222216-product
Release Date: 12/03/2010