Drakensang (PC)

The story centres around Ferdok, an important trading city on the Great River. The feared female lancers of Ferdok and Ferdok's famous beer have given the city a reputation throughout the continent and the humans here live in harmony with the dwarves. But despite the cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, the peace is now being shaken by a mysterious series of murders. Sinister figures are pursuing their dark schemes, while the fear among the population grows with every new murder. And while the adventures are still pondering whether the crimes are connected to the proclamation made by the Church of Hesinde on the tenth anniversary of the Dragonquest, they themselves are dragged into the mysterious events by a very particular murder

  •    Intense tactical combat based on `The Dark Eye` rule set
  •    A huge, established fantasy universe to explore
  •    Over 70 unique characters driving the story
  •    Over 1000 pages of background story written by 4 `The Dark Eye` authors
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