Dragon's Dogma Creator Wants Sequel

Dragon's Dogma Creator Wants Sequel

Hideaki Itsuno, creator of hit action role-playing game Dragon's Dogma, has hinted that he'd like to create a sequel.

Speaking to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Itsuno expressed his desire to create a follow-up, and that he has plenty of ideas for what the second game could include. Apparently, Dragon's Dogma only included around two-thirds of the ideas he had in mind for the game, and there's still lots he'd like to do with those ideas.

He also said that a sequel would only be possible with support of the fans, but it's safe to say that with the critical and commercial success of the game, this shouldn't be a problem!

Dragon's Dogma is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 now.

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Release Date: 25/07/2012