Dobble Star Wars Mandalorian (Puzzles and Board Games)

A game of observation and quick reflexes. In Dobble there is always 1 matching icon between any 2 cards. Spot it first and you win! 55 cards, 5 quick party games for 2 to 8 players.

Now themed with all your favourite Star Wars Mandalorian characters! Every card is unique and has only one symbol in common with any other in the deck.
  • The smash-hit game of fast reactions and perception that anyone can learn in an instant!
  • Now themed with the stars of Star Wars’ ‘The Mandalorian’!
  • Features some of your favourite Star Wars characters!
  • This is a stand alone game.
  • Ages 6+ -2-8 Players -15 Minutes Playing Time.
  • SKU: 817868-product
    Release Date: 08/04/2022