DLX Multi-Functional Console Stand for PS5 (PlayStation 5)

DLX Multi-Function Charger Tower which is compatible with digital and disc PS5 consoles.

Stylish, complimentary design for your PS5.

Drop and charge functionality for 2 DualSense controllers.

Pop-out game store for up to 12 games. Twin cooling fans with soft-touch operation.

Console, games and accessories not included.
  • Drop and Charge functionality for 2 DualSense Controllers
  • Pop-out Game store for up to 12 games.
  • Twin Cooling Fans with soft-touch operation.
  • Hassle-free charge adaptors can be left inserted into your controllers
  • Console adaptor for Disc or Digital editions of your PS5.
  • LED Power indicator.
  • Twin USB ports – 1 x Charge, 1 x Data/Fast Charge.
  • SKU: 825627-product
    Release Date: 25/11/2022