Dino Wars Giant Battling T-Rex S1 (Childrens Toys)

Watch out for the Mega-Rex! Robo Alive Dino Wars Mega-Rex is built with advanced robotic technology for the best dino battles ever! Strap on the Mega-Rex's armour to get him battle ready. With lifelike roars,  realistic dinosaur movement and real firing weapons, the Mega-Rex is sure to win any dino battle. It's the biggest dinosaur we have ever seen!
Realistic Movements: Mega-Rex rears its head, walks, and has hyper realistic eyes, just like a real T-Rex

Battle Ready: The Mega-Rex is loaded with removable armour as well as a real firing weapon and a slime power pack.

Dino Sounds: Mega-Rex has the most ferocious roar, it rolls it head and bites. Watch out!

Mega Size: The biggest dino ever created in the dino wars range. Watch him battle it out.

Light up blaster: Mega-rex has a light up blaster to aim at your enemy and FIRE!
SKU: 831860-product
Release Date: 24/08/2023