Digital Doctor (PC)

Total care and protection all in one box! All for only £9.99 a month.

The Digital Doctor couldn't be simpler. Pay GAME for your first £9.99 payment, take your Digital Doctor home, sign up online, register your PC, MP3 player, monitor and printer, download your antivirus software and off you go!**

Digital Doctor Features:

  • Helpline Support: Someone to talk to with all your PC problems 9am - 8pm, 7 days a week.
  • PC/Laptop/Monitor Repair or Replacement: PC or monitor broken down? Call us and we will repair it, or if it's beyond repair send you a replacement.
  • Free Antivirus Cover:
  • Surf the internet with confidence with our free antivirus software and updates.
  • MP3 Player Repair or Replacement: Register your Mp3 player and if it breaks down we will repair or replace it.
  • Free Inkjet Refills*: Send us back your emtpy inkjet cartridges in the freepost envelopes provided and we will send you back another one - free!
  • Inkjet Printer Repair or Replacement: Printer packed up? Call us and we'll fix it or replace it.


Minimum 12 month agreement, first payment of £9.99 included in purchase, then 11 further monthly payments by direct debit.

* Fair usage policy applies, see terms and conditions.

** Full terms and conditions included within the box or go to

SKU: 202573-product
Release Date: 18/04/2008