DICE hints at Battlefield dinosaurs

In one of the strangest shooter announcements in recent years, DICE has confirmed that there will be a dinosaur-themed Easter Egg hidden in Battlefield 3's upcoming Aftermath map pack.

The news comes after fans began to insist on the idea of including dinosaurs in the EA-published shooter, famed for its vast open maps and vehicle-based combat. It began as a joke, then snowballed as DICE employees played along. "At this time there is no word on a dinosaur DLC," said a tweet from the official Battlefield Twitter account. "Would you like one? And if so, would it be humans vs. dinosaurs?"

Battlefield's community manager then took to Reddit to suggest: "if this is something you guys want the best way to go about it is to try to get #BF3Dinos off the ground on Twitter." Before long, the #BF3Dinos hashtag was trending and now it seems DICE has responded. VG247 pinned down DICE producer Craig Mcleod and asked him what was going on. "I think each game gets it's kind of little...quirk that players like," he replied. "We understand this and actually, we do have one hidden Easter Egg which is along this theme in Aftermath."

Aftermath is the next expansion for the hugely popular shooter, and is due in December. Battlefield 4 is also in development - could dinosaurs make an appearance there? Call of Duty's Zombies mode quickly became a fan favourite, so anything is possible.

And if you want to get into the Battlefield 4 beta trial, you can guarantee access by preordering Medal of Honor Warfighter, out this week.

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Release Date: 23/10/2012