Diabolik (PC)

Tired of the usual superhero fare? Be the bad guy for once, in this gritty 3rd-person adventure casting you as a ruthless criminal mastermind out for revenge! Diabolik: The Original Sin blends adventure with stealth and combat to deliver an action-packed gaming experience.

You are master thief Diabolik, out to rescue Eva - your lover and partner in crime - in a fascinating world of 3D real-time graphics and 2D black-and-white comic-style animations. Diabolik, is an anti-hero, a skilled thief and a master of disguise who loves luxury, expensive cars and hi-tech gadgets. He can be merciless and he has no concern for anyone but himself and Eva.

Features include:

  • Slick graphic presentation with a noir comic look and a charismatic anti-hero
  • 3D real-time graphics with real-time lighting and shading effects
  • 150 animated comic book-esque sequences replace traditional cut-scenes
  • 3 playable characters
  • 2 game modes and 7 replayable missions on PS2, PSP and Wii
SKU: 214370-product
Release Date: 26/06/2009