Developer explains the waking nightmares of Dead Space 3

Everyone who played Dead Space 2 will know that series hero Isaac Clarke faced his fears and seemingly overcame them during his adventure. So how can the horror be brought back for Dead Space 3? Here's senior production designer Ben Wanat with the answer.

"In Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke is much more resilient to the effects of Marker-induced dementia, having defeated his inner demons in Dead Space 2," Wanat revealed in a post on the official Dead Space blog. "His mind still has the secrets of the Markers crammed into it but it manifests more as an affinity for the Markers rather than a madness. This affinity has made him the closest thing there is to an expert on Markers and ultimately it's why he's pulled into this latest adventure."

It's Clarke's co-op partner, John Carver, who experiences the full horror this time around. Having lost his family to the reanimated flesh creatures known as Necromorphs, his journey will be very tough indeed. "In Dead Space 3, Carver drags himself through a number of punishing but revelatory ordeals," Wanat explains. "He knows he won't like what he finds but he's determined to face his past and atone for his sins. Isaac's resilience to dementia allows him to act as a grounding element for Carver as he explores these waking nightmares."

Dead Space 3 will lurch menacingly towards us on February 8th, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Release Date: 18/12/2012