Deer Drive (PC)

Grab your rifle and get your bottomless bag of ammo! It’s open season in this exciting arcade style hunting game! As deer gallop into your vision you’ll need to hit them in certain sweet spots to increase your score while making sure to stop the dangerous grizzly bears before they take you down!

You’ll need to be quick on the trigger and have an aim to kill! Deer, rabbits and squirrels are in your sights and you’ll earn bonus points for taking them down in certain organ sweet spots! Be mindful of your clip size as you may try to make a shot with an empty clip which will cost you more points when taking the time to reload!

As you progress through the game, certain deer will provide you with special power up bonuses when shot. These range from a more accurate rifle, a bigger ammunition clip and slowing down time. You’ll need to make use of all of these power ups to get the high score!

Be mindful of the dangers of the forest as dangerous grizzly bears and rampaging moose threaten your very own survival. As they come running towards you, be steady with your aim as a mistake here could cost you your life!

  • Fast paced arcade style hunting game!
  • A horde of different animals, from Trophy white tails, bears to squirrels!
  • Dangerous charging moose and deadly rampaging grizzly bears!
  • Share your scores online!

System Specs

  • Microsoft Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7
  • Processor with 1 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3D Graphics with 64 GB RAM
  • Direct x 9.0c
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Release Date: TBD