Decora 5" Doll - Celestia (Fashion Dolls)

Discover the vibrant Decora Girlz 5" Collectible Dolls, each showcasing the lively Decora trend of themed outfits and sticker accessories. This collection features dolls with stunning, colourful hair and layered, patterned outfits, complemented by a range of playful accessories and customisable stickers. Explore the first series of unique and collectible 5" dolls.

MEET THE DECORA GIRLZ: The Decora Girlz are a stylish group of tween friends who love to dazzle, delight and decorate themselves! These colourful 5" collectible fashion dolls are inspired by Decora Kei, a Japanese fashion style that embraces self-expression, bright colours and lots of fun accessories!

DECORATE, STICKER AND STYLE: Use the sticker sheets and accessories to decorate and customise your Decora Girlz doll and express your own style too! These highly detailed fashion dolls are all about embracing the bold and the beautiful.

44 SURPRISES INSIDE! Each Decora Girlz doll has 44 fabulous accessories including removable dress and shoes, stylish hair accessory, bag, comb and puffy and flat sticker sheets.

TRENDING LOOKS: Each Decora Girlz doll has her own unique, brightly coloured outfit and super soft, easy to style hair, rocking the latest looks!

COLLECT THEM ALL: Start your Decora Girlz collection with one of the 5" dolls! Which Decora Girlz will you get first? Collect Decora, Luna, Blossom, Celestia, Sweetie and Heather. Each Decora Girlz character has her own personality and vibrant sense of style.
SKU: 840820-product
Release Date: 22/03/2024