Dead Space 2 named Xbox 360's scariest game

The acclaimed horror game Dead Space 2 has been named the scariest title on Xbox 360 in a new study by usability studio Vertical Slice.

Analysis featured on Gamasutra compared EA's sci-fi thriller to a number of other chilling titles - including Resident Evil 5, Alan Wake and Condemned - in order to find out how players reacted to it.

It was found that both the hardcore and casual gamers who played the games rated Dead Space 2 as the most unsettling, with the experience eliciting various different types of fear response.

The findings of the study showed the game's expertise in creating anticipation and tension, with periods of creeping build-up increasing the fear when the gruesome undead Necromorph attacked.

Dead Space 2 was released earlier this year to strong sales and reviews, putting players in control of Isaac Clarke, a mentally damaged man who must flee a vast space station being plagued by an alien life form that reanimates the dead.

It is available on PlayStation 3 and PC as well as Xbox 360.

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Release Date: 13/09/2011