DARQ: Ultimate Edition (Switch)

DARQ follows the story of a young boy named Lloyd who finds himself in an oneiric reality.

As he travels through this lucid dream, he becomes painfully aware that efforts to escape are futile, but also that nightmares creep into the world he traverses.

As the player, you step in to guide Lloyd through a world where traditional laws of physics do not apply.

You will have to learn and adapt to the surroundings where the only constant is that you are being followed.

GAME Exclusive - GAME Exclusive – DARQ: Ultimate Edition is only available in the UK from GAME stores or at game.co.uk in the UK. Subject to Availability.
DARQ has a 94% positive score from users over Steam, a 70% positive score from critique over Metacritic, and collected 12 between awards and nominations, including but not limited to “Best Adventure Game” and “Best Game Music” at Chainsaw Festival 2020, “Best Game Award” at MIX / PAX West 2018, and “42nd most shared PC game of 2019” on Metacritic.
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Release Date: 10/11/2022