Dark Void (PC)

Dark Void adds a new dimension to third-person action adventure gaming.

When pilot Will is dropped through the Bermuda Triangle into the Dark Void, he stumbles upon a sinister alien race called The Watchers. With jetpack and flying technology culled from The Watchers and used by rebel survivors, Will sets out to escape the Void and defeat the alien menace by taking the fight not just to the ground, but the skies as well..

Dark Void combines classic action-packed adventure with unique aerial action as Will takes to the skies of the Void using a jetpack to reign down retribution on The Watchers and even capture their UFOs in mid-air.
Dark Void's vertical combat system means you climb from cover to cover while fighting The Watchers and dangling from thousand foot drops. As well as hovering, advanced jetpack manoeuvring sees Will also tackling The Watchers in aerobatic flight action sequences. You can even grapple gigantic Watcher bosses in mid-flight and hijack UFOs in the air.

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Release Date: 22/01/2010