Dark Star One (PC)

DarkStar One delivers fast-paced action within a vast and authentic universe, spectacular graphics, freedom of choice, a gripping story and the power to save the federal galaxy from its nemesis!

Centuries have passed since the intergalactic war. Since then, the races within the known universe have lived more or less in peace with each other. The Great Council watches over the peace and the power of the empires. However, a race from the edge of the universe called the 'Thul' frequently violates this peace.

Kayron Jarvis is a young fighter pilot and the player's alter ego. For better or for worse, Kayron's life is about to take an unexpected twist of fate. At the helm of the advanced 'DarkStar One' spacecraft, Kayron's flight path soon veers from stone-cold vengeance to inescapable destiny.

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Release Date: 05/10/2007