Dark Souls: The Board Game - Phantoms Expansion (Puzzles and Board Games)

In this world, you will encounter phantoms of white and red.

The White Phantoms are valuable allies. You may call upon them in times of need. But beware the Red Phantoms. They are not your friends.

With this expansion, you'll gain the ability to summon phantom allies to aid you in your Dark Souls™: The Board Game encounters—but you'll pay a price for their assistance. For with the White Phantoms, come the Red...


  • 10x Summon miniatures (White Phantoms)
  • 11x Invader miniatures (Red Phantoms)
  • 1x Summon health dial
  • 10x Summon Data cards
  • 40x Summon Behaviour cards
  • 1x Invader health dial
  • 12x Invader Data cards
  • 64x Invader Behaviour cards
  • 12x Treasure cards
  • 3x Blank Invader tokens
  • 6x Standard Invader tokens
  • 6x Advanced Invader tokens
  • 1x Rules leaflet
  • SKU: 811942-product
    Release Date: 08/09/2021