Dark Souls: The Board Game - Iron Keep Expansion (Puzzles and Board Games)

Few places in the Dark Souls universe are more dangerous than the Iron Keep.

A massive fortress in a sea of molten iron, this fiery region is home to the territorial Alonne Knights and massive Ironclad Soldiers.

Even if an adventurer is fortunate enough to overcome these mighty enemies, they will face even greater challenges at the pinnacle of the iron stronghold...

New Dark Souls™: The Board Game adventures await in the Iron Keep Expansion. Discover new treasures and face brand new enemies, including the Crystal Lizards.

These skittish creatures add a new twist—dispatch them before they escape to earn valuable weapon upgrades!

  • 14x Enemy miniatures
  • 5x Enemy Data cards
  • 3x Crystal Lizard Titanite cards
  • 18x Encounter cards
  • 15x Treasure cards
  • 1x Sir Alonne miniature
  • 1x Sir Alonne Health dial
  • 1x Sir Alonne Data card
  • 13x Sir Alonne Behaviour cards
  • 1x Smelter Demon miniature
  • 1x Smelter Demon Health dial
  • 1x Smelter Demon Data card
  • 13x Smelter Demon Behaviour cards
  • 3x Smelter Demon Treasure cards
  • 1x Rules Leaflet
  • SKU: 811941-product
    Release Date: 08/09/2021