Dark Souls II won't be going next gen

Brutal Japanese RPG sequel Dark Souls II has been designed to make maximum use of the current console generation, and almost certainly won't be available on the PlayStation 4 and new Xbox.

"We wanted to deliver something to fans as soon as possible," game director Yui Tanimura has told CVG. "We still feel there's potential and ability for us to express a little bit more than what we did with Dark Souls, even on current-gen consoles. We hope to stay on current consoles, but express a little bit more, and elaborate on what we were able to communicate with Dark Souls. Right now there's no intent to have Dark Souls on next-gen."

The sequel uses a completely new game engine to the critically acclaimed 2011 hit, itself an unofficial continuation of ruthless PlayStation 3 game Demon's Souls. It's also rumoured to be less unforgiving than its famously hardcore predecessor, though word from a demo presentation in New York suggests it won't all be kittens and cuddles. ""Core to Dark Souls is a sense of achievement - overcoming death in the game," Eurogamer reports Tanimura as saying. "We want to enhance that even further. Learning from mistakes is one thing. Another is simply adding variations to how you can die...[finding] new ways for players to suffer."

Dark Souls II is in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC and due for release, appropriately enough, this winter.

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Release Date: 12/04/2013