Dark Souls II beta trial registration open now

Want to get a head start on your punishment? Head over to the PlayStation Store, where you can download a registration ticket for the Dark Souls II beta trial. If chosen to take part, you'll be able to play the game from October 12th and offer feedback to the developers. A second beta trial will take place starting from October 27th, so don't panic if you miss out first time around.

Dark Souls II is, of course, the sequel to the tough-as-nails 2011 RPG, itself a spiritual sequel to PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls. The game will supposedly be more accessible, without losing its hardcore edge, and will allow skilled players to head straight for the game's toughest areas if they feel up to the task.

"In Dark Souls II, we're hoping we can provide more freedom so things don't have to necessarily be done in a certain order," the game's director, Yui Tanimura, told Digital Spy back in July. "We're hoping that if the player tries hard enough, or are willing enough, they could even start halfway through the game, depending on how willing or how brave they are."

Although the beta trial is exclusive to PlayStation 3, the game itself will be available for Xbox 360 and PC as well. Expect it next March.

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Release Date: 05/09/2013