Dark Souls Board Game Darkroot Basin & Keep Tile (Puzzles and Board Games)

The Darkroot is a lush but foreboding region of Dark Souls™. Scarecrows, giant stone warriors, and the very plants of the forest stand sentinel to hinder any heroes foolish enough to brave this realm. Darkroot is the final resting place of Artorias, a deadly revenant and relentless swordsman who is guarded eternally by his companion, the Great Grey Wolf Sif. New Dark Souls™: The Board Game adventures await in the Darkroot Expansion, with new enemies, new encounter cards utilising those enemies, and new treasure cards for characters to discover along their adventures. Components for two new main boss encounters further enhance players’ options and provide fresh challenges.
Enhance your Dark Souls: The Board Game experience with the Darkroot Basin and Iron Keep Game Tile Set the ultimate way to theme your games to one of these two iconic locations from the Dark Souls franchise.

Includes 9 double-sided Darkroot Basin and Iron Keep Game Tiles
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