Dance eJay 6: The Evolution (PC)

Select from 4,000 brand new studio-quality sounds or use the 5 virtual instruments, CD grabbing function and Recording Studio to create your own unique samples. Fine-tune your music using the new editing tools in the Arranger or simply create a mix ’on the fly’ in Live Jam mode. Finally, add visuals in the 3D VJ Box!


  • 4,000 brand new royalty-free dance, club and lounge samples
  • Styles: Trance, Hard House, Electro, House, Pop, Chillout, Easy Listening and many more
  • Stylish 48-track Arranger in CD quality for creative compositions
  • NEW Curve Edit functionality – change volume, pan, echo, reverb and chorus levels over time on a per track basis
  • NEW Zoom function for a precise overview and close-up editing of curve points
  • NEW Live Jam mode – trigger looped samples on or off using your keyboard or mouse
  • NEW Polyphonic Mophonix Synth – compose melodies of up to 4 bars with sounds you have made yourself!
  • NEW Mophonix Supabass – synthesizer for creating bass riffs from scratch
  • Hyper X Generator – program authentic polyphonic melodies into your mixes
  • Bass X Generator – program realistic basslines directly into your mix
  • Groove Generator drum computer and sequencer– Now with Shuffle function! (over 500 drum sounds included)
  • Voice Generator – transforms text to create cra zy vocal samples
  • NEW Sample Search – refine your search and find that specific sample!
  • Extensive FX Studio including Wave Editor and Time & Tune
  • NEW! Recording Studio – record from any soundcard input – CD, microphone, instruments or any external device
  • 3D VJ Box – arrange visuals to go with your mixes (2000 objects supplied)
  • Direct grabbing from CD for remixing
  • Fully backwardly compatible with Dance eJay 5 and Techno eJay 4
  • Access to the exclusive eJay Online Sound Archive with thousands of extra samples
  • New graphical interface and full drag & drop support – now even more user-friendly
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