Dance Central 2 to receive tie-in mobile app

Fans of the acclaimed Dance Central 2 will be able to take the experience on the road with the imminent release of a new tie-in app for smartphones.

To be available in the UK soon for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the Dance Central 2 Dance*Cam app lets users preview tracks from the Dance Central 2 soundtrack, including songs from Sean Kingston, La Roux and Enrique Iglesias.

They will be able to practice their moves while listening to songs such as This Is How We Do It, Fire Burning, Bulletproof and Like a G6, while recording their performance using their phone cameras.

Dance*Cam will then transform the recording into a mini music video, which can be shared via Facebook and compared against friends' efforts in mobile dance battles.

Released last year, Dance Central 2 is the latest offering from Rock Band and Guitar Hero creator Harmonix and is available exclusively for Kinect on Xbox 360.

It offers a total selection of more than 100 compatible songs, allowing players to learn complex routines while their movements are accurately tracked by the motion-sensing camera.

SKU: News-165281
Release Date: 23/01/2012