Cultures Online (PC)

Cultures Online is the next installment of the strategy game series Cultures, which gained a cult following in the Nineties thanks to its unique graphics and humorous content. Players play the role of a Viking chief and build their own village, complete with cultural and military facilities. Players can hire up to seven heroes to help mine materials, conduct research or accompany them on raids to faraway lands.

In Cultures Online, players can form tribes to settle an island together. They can loot resources from each other by winning PvP combat and fight for the top spot in the rankings. Funatics, the developers behind the Cultures series, created the latest version entirely in Flash. Smooth zooming allows players to see even the tiniest of details in their Viking world.

Cultures Online Features:

  • Top-class building strategy
  • Lots of hurry-scurrying about
  • Customizable heroes
  • Many story-based quests and adventures
  • PvP battles
  • Multi-faceted research and crafting system
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Release Date: 2011