Crytek confirms Ryse as Xbox One exclusive

During Microsoft's Xbox One announcement, it was revealed that there would be eight new franchises launching exclusively for the new console. One of those we know was Remedy's Quantum Break, and now we can put a name to another: Ryse.

Originally announced as Kingdoms in 2010 when it was pitched as an Xbox 360 Kinect game, the first-person melee fighting game has since been redesigned for Microsoft's next generation machine, offering "controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect."

"Fight as a soldier. Lead as a general. Rise as a legend" reads the slogan on the game's freshly minted website, along with a countdown to E3 when more will no doubt be revealed. The trailers from a few years ago showed an Ancient Rome setting, and a player engaged in sword combat, using kicks and headbutts to defeat a foe.

The website boasts the Latin inscription "Filius Romae Venit" which translates roughly as "the son came to Rome", and the Roman numerals for 2013, suggesting it will be a launch title for the new console.

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Release Date: 23/05/2013