Creepy horror series Fatal Frame coming to Wii U

One of the scariest horror series in gaming, Fatal Frame, is in development and coming to the Wii U console

Fatal Frame is one of the scariest horror series in gaming, but it's never had the same success in the west as the likes of Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Hopefully that will change, as news reaches us via Japanese games mag Famitsu that a fifth game in the saga is in development for the Wii U.

Fatal Frame, known as Project Zero in its native Japan, involves sneaking around creepy locations using your camera to capture images of ghosts – the sort of gameplay feature that would be ideal for the Wii U game pad. Traditionally there are no weapons in Fatal Frame titles, a decision that has made it a hit with those who prefer their gaming chills to be served cold, without the action game distractions of headshots or melee combat.

Fatal Frame was first released for the PlayStation 2 back in 2001, and there have been several sequels and spin-offs since. The most recent entry, developed by cult developer Suda 51's Grasshopper Manufacture studio, came out for the Wii in 2008 but never made it to the UK. Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are reportedly collaborating on development of the latest game, so will hopefully localise the game for a more global release.

It marks a renewed interest in the series in Japan, where a live action film based on the games opens this year. There's also a novel and a manga comic book in the works.

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Release Date: 22/04/2014