Cranium WOW (Toys and Gadgets)

You were born to play this game.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to use your best friend as a puppet to act out "milking a cow." Or you want to prove you can draw "bed head" with your eyes closed. Perhaps you’re eager to show off your vast knowledge of "The Hoff," YouTube, and which came first, the toaster or sliced bread. If any of these are true -- and even if they’re not -- you need to play Cranium WOW immediately. You shouldn’t wait to show off your hidden talents when they’re so impressive.

Cranium WOW features 600 brand-new-we-swear-you’ve-never-seen-them-before-unless-you-peeked-somehow cards and new movers so cool you might forget to actually play the game for a little while (but we hope you’ll eventually remember).
What's in the box?

Cranium WOW includes:

  • a game board
  • 600 new cards
  • a 10-sided die (the 9-sided die wasn’t working)
  • a tub of purpley-fresh Cranium Clay
  • a timer
  • drawing pads
  • presharpened pencils
  • 4 customizable character movers with interchangeable hats and hairdos, and sass.

Cranium WOW Features:

  • 600 cards. 15 activities. About 2,172 laughs.
  • All new movers -- with hats and hairdos!
  • Sketch, sculpt, solve puzzles, act, and hum.
  • Your hidden talent has hidden long enough.
  • Instant fun. Just add people.
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