Combat Flight Simulator 3 Battle For Europe (PC)

Combat Flight Simulator 3 places you in the position of either a fighter or bomber pilot in the thick of World War II. From 1943 to the end of the war, you feel the heart-pounding rush of low-to-the-ground air combat over the European countryside.

You can enlist for the U.S. Army Air Force, Britain's Royal Air Force or the German Luftwaffe as they fly missions revolving around air superiority, close air support and low-altitude tactical bombing.


  • Low Altitude - high impact - For the first time in the history of the franchise, Combat Flight Simulator 3 delivers a brand-new, ground-breaking graphics engine that allows players to lead exciting high-speed, low-altitude strafing runs to bomb strategic enemy targets.
  • Fly WWII's finest, fastest and edgiest aircraft - Combat Flight Simulator 3 features a stunning collection of 18 player flyable WWII aircraft including the first jet fighters and other leading-edge aircraft that pushed the combat aviation technology to the limits. Each of them are realistically rendered in the tradition of the Combat Flight Simulator franchise.
  • Live the life of an authentic WWII pilot - Pilots manage new character role-playing attributes including G-force tolerance, vision and physical health.
  • Experience aerial action that never ends - With enhanced online cooperative multiplayer action, players coordinate with friends to influence how battles are fought.
  • Soar alongside friends - You can create campaign servers allowing people from across the globe to play in an ongoing war theatre over the Internet. Form squadrons and battle in a myriad of missions against other users or coordinate to man a medium bomber, playing the role of either bombardier or gunner.
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