Codenames Simpsons (Puzzles and Board Games)

The worldwide-hit word game celebrates 30 years of TV's most hilarious family!

Split into teams and try to connect the right cards from a grid full of Simpsons references in this essential game for any fan of the show.
In Codenames, two teams - Team Homer and Team Bart - compete to see who can guess all of their "field agents" (identified by either a word or picture) correctly first - but those field agents are hiding in plain sight in a 5x5 grid that includes the agents of the other team, neutral words, and an assassin that will cause you to lose the game immediately if you guess it.

One person on each team is a spymaster and only these two know which agents belong to each team. Spymasters take turns giving one-word clues that can help their teammates identify multiple agents on the board. Their teammates try to guess agents of the right color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team - and everyone wants to avoid the assassin.
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