Codemasters explains three-year wait for GRID 2

"That's probably the question I've been asked more than any during the last couple of years," GRID 2 executive producer Clive Moody has told VG247, when asked why it's taken three years to come up with a sequel for serious racing hit GRID, while sibling series DiRT has accrued two sequels in the same time. "There's been a very conscious effort to take our time over creating GRID 2," Moody explains, "More than anything because of the ambition we have for the game."

It turns out that crafting the perfect driving sim takes a little longer than a more arcadey racing game. "The original GRID was 'all about the race' and this is a mantra which is absolutely driving the sequel," says associate producer Toby Evan-Jones. "Putting everything else aside for a moment, the single most important area within GRID 2 is the player's experience when on-track, driving some of the most iconic, aspirational vehicles that the world has to offer. Delivering a handling model to the player which feels authentic, exciting, occasionally scary and massively rewarding has been the goal."

It's all built up to something Codemasters is calling TrueFeel, which aims to provide an authentic racing experience that is accessible to newcomers without the use of assists.

GRID 2 is out next summer for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. If you can't wait that long to get behind the wheel, the more mainstream sibling sequel DiRT Showdown is out right now for the same formats.

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Release Date: 29/08/2012