Cluedo Sabotage on the High Seas (Puzzles and Board Games)

You’ve accepted an invitation to an all-expenses-paid holiday aboard the Lady Marigold II luxury yacht, a sought-after casino owned by Captain Melville. One night, a storm rolls in and the captain is spotted face down in the sea! As the boat takes on water, you and your fellow players are put to the test: work together to escape the yacht and determine who pushed the captain overboard, where it happened and why?

This Cluedo Sabotage on the High Seas Escape & Solve Mystery board game offers classic Cluedo characters and intrigue in a riveting escape room game. Players move their pawns around the gameboard that's built room-by-room, as they explore the yacht, draw cards, solve puzzles, unlock new rooms on the ship and uncover clues.

After escaping the yacht, players review the clues and use deduction to make a correct accusation and win! This cinematic, single-play escape room experience is for 1-6 players, ages 10+, and it makes a great present for fans of the original Cluedo game and murder mystery games.
The board game includes: 6 plastic pawns, 7 gameboards, 1 secret envelope, 1 unknown object, 131 cards and game guide.


  • ESCAPE AND SOLVE MYSTERY GAME: Cluedo Sabotage on the High Seas offers the intrigue of the classic murder mystery game, Cluedo, with a fresh mystery story and dynamic escape room game format. 1-6 players.

  • 1-TIME SOLVE COOPERATIVE GAME: in the Cluedo Escape & Solve Mystery game, players join forces and use sleuthing skills to escape the yacht, then work together to solve the mystery of the missing captain.

  • DYNAMIC GAMEBOARD: players move their pawns around the board exploring the yacht. The gameboard builds and changes, revealing rooms and clues as players solve puzzles that unlock the ship.

  • COLLECT CLUES: work out the who, where and why to win! Track down clues and collect evidence for the final solve. The more clues players gather, the easier to make the correct accusation.

  • FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY GAME NIGHTS: players aged 10+ can immerse themselves in this cinematic, single-play experience. It's a mystery board game that'll draw all into a story they won't forget.

  • MYSTERY GAMES MAKE GREAT FAMILY GIFTS: strategy board games are excellent presents for families that love playing indoor games together.

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