Chronicles of Crime (Merchandise)

Cooperative game of crime investigation, mixing an app, a board game and a touch of Virtual Reality. With the same physical components, board, locations, characters and items, players will be able to play plenty of different scenarios and solve as many different crime stories. Players start the app, choose the scenario they want to play, and follow the story. The goal being to catch the killer of the current case in the shortest time possible.
If you have ever thought you could out Sherlock Sherlock, out Poirot Poirot or out Endeavour Morse, then you need you check out Chronicles of Crime. Not only is it an excellent game but it is also a true innovation in the Board Game Industry.

Chronicles of Crime (Lucky Duck Games) is set across a number of cases, both single cases and interwoven stories across a number of cases. In the game you have two decks of cards; one is characters and the other is clues, which are split into standard and special types. On top of this you have a central board to store clues that you have gathered during your investigation, location mats where you place character cards that are in those locations, and four specialist character mats. You can consult these specialists for medical, physical and psychological advice, during the case.
SKU: 810270-product
Release Date: 30/07/2021