Chipolo ONE Green (Phones)

Chipolo ONE helps you find your keys in seconds. Use the Chipolo app to ring your misplaced keys or double click on Chipolo to find your phone. Get a notification from the app if you leave your keys behind. When they’re not around to ring it, you can always check the app to see when and where you last had them with you.

These colorful item finders are perfect for your keys, bag, backpack or even your child’s favorite toy. With a very loud sound you will be able to hear them even when they are buried under a pile of clothes.

Chipolo ONE is perfect for people who often misplace their items or leave them behind. Chipolo gives you peace of mind and saves precious minutes when you can't find the one thing you need to take with you.

Key Features:
  • Ring Chipolo with one tap from the Chipolo app on your phone.
  • Ring your phone by double clicking the Chipolo.
  • Track your item to where you had it last via the Chipolo app.
  • Get an alert from the app when you leave your item behind.
  • You can share your Chipolo with your loved ones to help each other find your misplaced items.
  • Mark your item as lost in the app. When any Chipolo user comes near your item, you will be notified with an updated location.
  • You can change the ringtone of your Chipolo.
  • Use the widget to ring Chipolo from your phone's home screen, without opening the app.
  • Use Chipolo as a wireless shutter for your phone's camera.
  • Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Compatible with Android and Apple using the Chipolo app.
  • LOUDNESS: 120 dB
  • SIZE: 1,49in x 0,25in (37,9mm x 6,4mm)
  • RANGE: 200 ft - line of sight (60m)
  • WATER RESISTANCE: splash proof (IPX5 Standard)
  • BATTERY: Standard replaceable battery - CR 2032. Lasts up to 2 years.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with iOS 12.4 and later, and devices running Android 7 and later
  • SKU: 818169-product
    Release Date: 04/05/2022