Challenge Me: Word Puzzles (PC)

A collection of 7 word themed puzzle games. Puzzles are generated from a database of 40,000 3 – 9 letter English words and presented in a variety of different ways. The players play to achieve bonus points and these are recorded in the battery backed up memory for the Challenge versions of the games. Alternatively the player may want a casual 3 minute puzzle fix and he can do this by selecting a Quick (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert) version of the game that will not be recorded in to the games memory.

Challenge Me: Word Puzzles Features:

  • 7 fun word based puzzles including Anagrams, Word Search and Conundrum
  • Limitless combinations ensuring hours of entertainment!
  • Have a casual 3 minute puzzle fix in Quick Mode
  • Track your progress in Challenge Mode, where a bar diagram keeps track of your scores and progress
  • With 4 profiles available there are enough save slots for the family!
  • Details on how to play each game can be accessed in-game. No need to keep the instruction book handy!
SKU: 224040-product
Release Date: 12-Aug-11