CD Projekt Red promises Cyberpunk RPG will be "realistic and brutal"

CD Projekt Red, the acclaimed Polish studio behind superb role-player The Witcher 2 has spilled a few beans on its upcoming science fiction game, Cyberpunk.

"The choice of the game universe was easy," studio man Konrad Tomaszkiewicz told VG247 in an interview this week. "We still wanted to create games designed for the grown-up gamer, and Cyberpunk is the perfect setting which allows us to touch other important themes than those in The Witcher, because of its fantasy setting. What you can expect from Cyberpunk is that it will be as mature as The Witcher and set in a realistic and brutal world."

Cyberpunk is an updated version of the cult 1988 RPG series created by Mike Pondsmith. According to Tomaszkiewicz, Pondsmith "likes our vision of the game and he cooperates with the Cyberpunk team a lot".

The developer also explained a little about the secret to handling mature themes in games, something that The Witcher 2 was highly praised for. "Don't get too preachy and let gamers judge what's going on the screen for themselves," reckons Tomaszkiewicz. "It's easy to put a brutally wrecked corpse or a naked woman into the game, but it's tricky to do it in a way that serves the narration you want to tell. This has to be done with taste and be a tool in achieving your goal, not the goal itself."

The Witcher 2 is out now for PC and Xbox 360. Cyberpunk has yet to be given a release date.

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