Casino Inc. The Management (PC)

Managing a Casino is not all glitz & glamour, behind the lights is a harsh, gritty world where ruthless, underhanded businessmen will do anything to make money!

Can you compete?

Keeping your Casino running smoothly and making money means playing dirty. Hire Cheats, Troublemakers, Prostitutes and Hitmen to wreak havoc on your competitors.

You'll need dealers and floormen, showgirls and DJs, bouncers, cleaners, doormen and more to keep punters happy and fights outside! Be a successful businessman. Buy attractions, offer enrertainment and food & drink, set table limits, manage advertising, arrange transportation, provide hotel rooms, purchase additional property and expand your Casino.

This pack contains the original Casino Inc. and the expansion pack Casino Inc. The Management. The expansion includes additional Casinos, cities, attractions, employees and much more.

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