Care Bear - Calming Heart Scented (Merchandise)

The Care Bears ALL-NEW friend: Calming Heart Bear!

Calming Heart Bear is a beautiful, colourful Bear who loves helping her friends find peace and calm in their hearts.
ALL-NEW BELLY BADGE: Calming Heart Bear wears a lovely new belly badge featuring a smiling butterfly with glittery, heart-shaped wings. She reminds us that when our heart is calm, we soar!

SCENTED: This special Calming Heart Bear plush comes with a yummy, soothing cucumber melon scent!

SOFT HUGGABLE MATERIAL: Calm Heart Bear has bright, colourful fur and is made with super-soft material. At 35cm in size, she’s perfect for any sharing and caring adventure!

GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS 3+: Calming Heart Bear makes a wonderful gift for kids ages 4 and up!
SKU: 826069-product
Release Date: 27/01/2023