Capcom's Remember Me to star a realistic female lead

Nilin, the female lead character of Capcom's upcoming cyberpunk thriller Remember Me, won't be falling into typical clichers, developer Dontnod has explained.

"You have to avoid the pitfalls of making her just a damsel in distress or a sex bomb, because this is what you think would appeal most to the hordes of men that constitute your fan base," creative director Jean-Maxime Moris told ShackNews.

"But if you respect your public, then you refuse to dumb your work down, and eventually it pays back because what you do is different. But I'm not saying we're the only ones. I'm quite happy to see that more and more games feature female protagonists. We didn't think of gender equality being a major theme in the game, but thinking back on the world we designed, it is true that women have key positions in its governance."

Nilin is a "memory hunter" on the run in futuristic Neo Paris who, rather ironically, has had her own memories wiped. The aim is to piece together what happened to her, while evading her sinister former employer. The game features exploration, stealth and melee combat with a twist. You'll be able to create your own combo attacks, but more interestingly the gameplay will revolve around the idea of remixing and editing memories. You'll peek inside the heads of other characters and change their memories to further your goal.

Remember Me is out on June 7th for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Release Date: 16/04/2013