Call of Duty K/D Party Game (Puzzles and Board Games)

Capture dares and down your enemies. Are you ready to drop?

How to Play:
  • Fill the board with dare tokens at the beginning of the game.
  • Eliminate players and defend/attack dares with loadout cards and strategic movements.
  • Collect points as you eliminate others and assign dares.
  • The play who has the highest amount of K/D tokens wins the game!

  • Sounds easy? Think again.
    What's Included:
  • 100 Loadout Cards
  • 32 Dare Tiles
  • 45 K/D Tokens
  • 15 Pawns
  • 3 Dice
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker
  • 1 Game Board
  • SKU: 816309-product
    Release Date: 28/10/2022