Call of Duty Black Ops II Multiplayer Reveal


Call of Duty Black Ops II re-imagines its own standard setting multiplayer to deliver the most ambitious Call of Duty title to date. You will be introduced to the most advanced weaponry and equipment the year 2025 will have to offer. So prepare yourself for an all-new Call of Duty online experience.

All-New Create-a-Class

Revitalised and recharged, the create-a-class now introduces players to the new "pick-10" allocation system. Instead of picking items from each category, players will be able to trade items from one category for other items in another - Almost anything is possible with any combination of 10 items.

Every piece of content is worth one point, when you've got ten points that gives you nearly endless combinations. To encourage and promote a better individuality to play styles, you can spend your points however you like.


Worth a point each, Wildcards allow you to configure more unique class configurations. You'll be able to use multiple perks from catergory, equip a primary with three attachments, carry two lethal and that's only scratching the surface.


All-New Score Streaks

Whether you're an all out attacker or the tactician of the team, anything you do that helps your team win the match will reward you with your Score Streak. Every action is worth a different amount but actions include Capturing the enemy flag, defending friendly's with assault shields and getting kills are examples of Score Streak actions.

2025 comes to life

A new age brings new weapons to Call of Duty Black Ops II. Such as the Microwave Turret, initially used for crowd control, this high-powered microwave turret emits a directed energy wave that can block navigation routes. First Dogs; now the Swarm, this demoralising entity is made up of Hunter Killer drones that will attack enemies and enemy equipment.

A new Range of Features

Call of Duty Black Ops II raises the bar with a host of new features that allow you to get more interactive than ever before. Commandeer Hellstorm Missiles and guide them in to annihilate enemies, or take control of VTOL aircraft and bring the pain from up high. Also you can select whether to control certain instruments of destruction or let the AI handle it for you. Instruments like AGR, Autonomous Ground Robot, a sentry drone that can be piloted by you or left to find its own prey.

A new tool in the online battle for supremacy is the MQ-27 quad rotor drone, find a place to hide and control this remotely to use the light machine gun to cut down the opposition. You can still call in the heavy duty weaponry to cause mass destruction, such as the A10's Strafing run or the Lightning Strike that allows you to pinpoint three individual target areas to be subject to an aerial assault.

But if you want to hold the destruction in your hand you'll be wanting the War Machine or the Death Machine. The War Machine makes all other grenade launchers feel like party poppers, and the Death Machine makes a welcome, and updated, return giving players shred on-site Gatling Gun.

Upgraded Weapons, Attachments and Equipment

With near-future combat comes near-future upgrades. Weapon perks are now built into your attachments Call of Duty Black Ops II will allow you to carry the latest Tech onto the battleground.

Attachments like the Assault Shield that allows you create and move portable cover, which hides you and your teammates from incoming enemy fire. The Target Finder lets you identify friends and foes with greater ease whilst the Millimetre Wave Scanner shows stationary targets at close range, even if they're hiding behind something.



Call of Duty Black Ops II introduces League Play, with it comes an all-new tool set of built in Shoutcasting capabilities. This takes the competitive essence of Call of Duty and brings it into the world of a spectator sport!

A League of its own

You don't need to be an Elite player to take part in the Call of Duty Black Ops II Leagues, these are made for everyone as competition at any level is fun! To take part in the right league all you need to do is take part in some preliminary matches that will assess your skill before then put you into the correct division with players of a similar skill level.

But you don't have to stay there, by playing matches and winning, you'll start ranking up. When you've ranked enough you'll be moved into the upper divisions. Through this method of skill based match making, you'll see that you're never out-gunned, just challenged.



Become the CODcaster and deliver the play-by-play coverage of whats happening in the match. You'll gain access to a host of functions that will allow you to commentate to a higher standard.

Features like:

  • Picture-in-Picture - This view shows a list of everyone in the game, their current score streak, and their status.
  • Map View - This view shows both sides of the battle from a top-down perspective in an easy-to-read 2d graphic.
  • Score Panel - Similar to what currently exists in professional sports, this view shows the big picture of overall team scores and objective information.
  • Name Plate - Similar to the name on a player's jersey, easily identify the player being spotlighted.
  • Display Options - The commentator has the ability to turn on or off parts of the player HUD (this will not affect the players) to maximize the viewing experience.
  • Listen In - Drop in/out of player conversations and listen to the action as it happens.

But that's not all, also on the way for Call of Duty Black Ops II:

  • Challenges - return with a twist.
  • Core & Party Game Modes - an evolution of Wager Match, a fun new way to play with friends.
  • Custom Games - deeper customization than ever, supporting both competitive and social gaming.
  • Combat Training - back and better than ever.
  • Theater Enhancements - returns with several new features.
  • Emblem Editor + Player Identity - will provide more creativity and artistry than before.
  • Prestige - integrated into the level progression system.

Treyarch said they would try new things and there is no denying that have really gone all out for Call of Duty Black Ops II. With new weapons, new attachments and the League Call of Duty Black Ops II looks like it's on course to take online multiplayer to a whole new level.

The Future arrives November 13th 2012 in Call of Duty Black Ops II, Order now.

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Release Date: 16/08/2012