BraZen Panther Elite 2.1 Bluetooth Black and White (Multi Format and Universal)

  • Two speakers 
  • Subwoofer 
  • Three vibration motors 
  • Bluetooth and hardwired connectivity 
  • Control panel with on/off power button; volume +/-; bass knob +/-; vibration +/- knob; power input socket and analogue audio input socket 
  • UK/EU power adaptor: Input 230 - 240V; Output DC 12V 1.5Amp 
  • Padded PP moulded conventional style flip arms and screws to fix 
  • Fabric: BS5852 PU in front and sides; BS5852 Mesh front; BS5852 PVC for back. BS5852 foam. 
  • 550mm round pedestal base, mechanism and piston 
  • Audio cables and screws to fix 
  • Approx Assembled Measurements: Height 106 cm; Width 82.5; Depth 67.5 cm 
  • Approx Carton Size: Height 73.5cm; Width 57cm; Depth 57.5cm 
  • Approx Weight : Net 20.5 kg; Gross  22.5 kg 
  • Approx maximum recommended load weight 120 kg 
  • BraZen branded headrest, front of seat, back of seat and control panel 
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above up. Genuine adult sized chair 


No compromise on product, price and aftersales service!
The BraZen Panther 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair is a genuinely big adult sized chair which is also big on sound and vibration performance. 
This chair is unique in many ways: 
  • it is compatible with almost any device which produces an audio output including all variants of Playstation and Xbox consoles. 
  • has two quality speakers and a subwoofer for superb quality surround sound. 
  • has separately controllable vibration motors for "rumble feedback". 
  • has padded flip armrests. 
  • looks stylish and is comfortable to sit in. The unique British design is legally registered and protected. 

The BraZen Panther Elite 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair is deliberately named "Elite" because it is a quality piece of British design and engineering. The chair is large in stature in size and performance. In our opinion it compares very favourably with any similarly price chair currently available on the market. The BraZen Panther comes with excellent separately controllable vibration motors for "rumble feedback". The chair has 2.1 surround sound system (two speakers and a subwoofer) that compares very favourably to many more expensive offerings currently available. The chair is a genuine multimedia chair that can be used for listening to music and watching movies as readily as esports. The BraZen Panther will connect to almost any device with an audio output. The chair has the capability to connect via both bluetooth and/or hardwired to devices such as mobile phone, tablet, tv and games console.  Please be aware that it will often be necessary, and is usually preferable, to connect the gaming chair to the games console indirectly via the tv. If your audio device that you are connecting the gaming chair to does not have analogue audio output (eg a headphone jack or red/white output sockets) but a digital audio output then it may be necessary to purchase a BraZen Digital Analogue Converter kit to assist you to connect. The BraZen Panther currently comes in a range of seven colours - red, blue, white, grey, purple, green and yellow. The stylish unique and distinctive "Dagger-Dart" design is legally registered to avoid being copied. The chair is upholstered PU leather-like and breathable mesh fabric and foam for comfort. All the materials used comply with UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations. The chair comes with two padded PP flip armrests. The chair is mounted on a metal pedestal base with an adjustable tension mechanism to change the extent of the rocking motion of the chair. The BraZen Panther folds to facilitate ease of carriage and storage. 

SKU: 744484-product
Release Date: 27/02/2019