Borderlands 2 is Super Badass

Borderlands 2 is Super Badass

The first Borderlands had a pretty simple plot: Find the alien vault. Job done. But it also had an awesome 4-player co-op, and 2K were the first to admit Borderlands success was a bit of a surprise.

Now Borderlands returns with Borderlands 2, a game that remains true to the original while addressing all the feedback from fans.

Simply put, Borderlands is bigger, better and cheekier this time round. The distinctive comic book colouring and look is back as are the crazy voices and thumping back beats. The script is clever and all the humour is back. This game definitely stands out from the rest when it comes to style.

And what about story? After the alien vault was found, you become the gladiator of the man who said he found it. It was OK for a while, but then he became threatened by your skills and banished you. In Borderlands 2, you're on your way back and you're out to get him...

The demo level is 'Statuesque' and you have three objectives: to escort the Overseer, destroy the statues, and keep the Overseer above 50% health. But don't stand on your laurels in this game as your objectives will change depending on how you play. Each character also has a special ability and in this demo you can use your gun but to attack.

It's worth giving the weapons a mention all of their own. There are a 'gazillion' of them - 2K's word! Yes, there's even more than last time, in fact, there's so many weapons they've just been awarded a Guinness World Record for most weapons ever in a videogame!

Expectations for Borderlands 2 are already huge and you can decide on the results yourself when it's released this September.

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Release Date: 07/06/2012