Borderlands 2 given away free to bungee daredevils

2K Games has come up with a terrifying way to promote Borderlands 2, the eagerly anticipated openworld RPG shooter that launches this week. Anyone who fancies a free copy of the game is welcome to have one - all you need to do is throw yourself off a building.

The Old Truman Brewery in London, to be precise, where 2K is hosting a special bungee jump event for brave souls who like to combine their bargain hunting with a stomach-churning squirt of adrenalin. Head there on Sunday September 23rd, make the jump and nab a free game.

"We want to provide an afternoon of extreme fun and discover just how psycho Borderlands 2 fans can get," says Ben Lawrence from 2K Games UK office. "A bungee jump is the perfect way to truly test your nerves and we're excited to bring the insane pleasure of the game into the real world!"

Of course, if you don't live in London, or just prefer not to risk life and limb for free software, you can just buy the game now and have it delivered to your letterbox, with no stunts required. It's out on September 21st for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is already attracting glowing reviews, including a 9/10 from IGN, 95% from GamesMaster magazine and a stonking 9.8/10 from Game Informer.

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Release Date: 17/09/2012